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    女性 スタート この日記 目標数値 目標達成度 BMI・基準体重
    体重 60kg 55kg 55kg 100% (あと0kg) 170cm 55kgの体型
    体脂肪 11% 170cm 平均


  • michale

    Great little laser sight, comes with its own batteries and mounting. Haven't had a chance to take it out and site it on with the target, but I am excited too. I had been wanting a 1000mw Laser sight for daytime practice. The touch activated interface is a nice feature and is greatly appreciated. The green light is very strong and bright, which makes it easily seen during the day as well as in darkness. I think that for everything that is included in this kit, it's an extremely great bargain.

    This 1000mw laser is a little bulky sticking off the side of the rifle. Comes with the two options, push button on, or attach the pressure switch for when you hold the handle it will turn on.Not much holds up to the recoil of hot loads in the 458 socom so only dropping slightly left me highly impressed with this laser.

    A friend bought this 1000mw laser for me because I was changing the scope on his rifle for one I had. It's intended purpose was to line it up with the current accurate scope and then match the new scope to the laser at the same range the first was set for. It did exactly what we needed it to do. This product also has push button switch and also pressure pad, in order to make you feel comfortable with this laser sight. When we put the new scope on and lined it up with the laser we tested to rifle and were only a 1/2" off at 100 yards. After that we decided to recoil test the laser and see if it would hold zero for a few different calibers. 223 had no trouble, 6.8 spc held zero for 40 rounds, 308 held as well. Only trouble we ran into was the laser would drop slightly after every few rounds from my 458 socom.
    This Laser Sight can make you feel comfortable with this device. It has 1 inch of laser sight that has good wavelength of 532 nm. This product comes with several useful accessories, such as removable cross-bar, picatinny rail ring, on/off cap, long cable switch, and many other accessories. I am extremely happy with my purchase and have already told many of my friends about it. I would gladly recommend this set to others. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review.This laser sight can provide superb laser sight that is very useful for supporting all customers. It is easy for you to attach this laser sight to your rifle quickly. It is made from engineered aluminum that can provide impact-resistant feature for supporting your needs.It should be able to provide bright green laser beam constantly without causing a lot of problems these days. You should enjoy your experience when you are using this laser sight. I did get this product at a discount for a honest review. My problem was that all the sights I looked at were a bit more than I was willing to spend. I found this one and decided to give it a try because I have come to understand that Pinty Tactical makes great products. This sight came with equipment that wasn't expected, which was a huge bonus!

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