As a 5kW Laser Sight

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    女性 スタート この日記 目標数値 目標達成度 BMI・基準体重
    体重 60kg 55kg 55kg 100% (あと0kg) 170cm 55kgの体型
    体脂肪 12% 170cm 理想


  • michale

    Some chemical laser sight, designed for strategic missile defense purposes, have demonstrated megawatt-level output.

    The HEL technology program is structured to provide the necessary feasibility tests to support full-scale engineering development decisions for laser weapons in the early 1980s.

    The Army is upgrading that prototype 200mw Laser Pointer truck with a more powerful laser, which should be able to track and shoot incoming rockets, cruise missiles, artillery and mortars rounds.The researchers selected OptiGrate's handmade photo-thermo-refractive glass -- a sodium-zinc-aluminum-silicate glass doped with silver, cerium and fluorine -- for the target board.An M113 tracked APC from the RUAG company was equipped with a 1 kW HEL effector ("Mobile HEL Effector Track V"), while a protected Tatra truck made by the Drehtainer company carried a containerized 20kW HEL effector ("Mobile HEL Effector Container L")."The high-energy laser beam delivers its energy to a small spot on the target -- only a couple inches in diameter -- but the intensity is strong enough to melt steel," said GTRI senior research scientist David Roberts.

    Also, according to media reports, "from 1980 to 1985 on the auxiliary ship of the Black Sea" Dixon "Navy conducted tests of the 200mw Laser Pointer system ISU, created the project" Aydar "and designed for deployment in space satellites and destruction." In addition, in 1987 on the launch vehicle "Energy" was launched on the layout of the space combat laser Skif-DM platform. The objective of the DOD-wide HEL program is to develop laser sight weapons that are capable of engaging and destroying selected military targets.

    In terms of installation space, cooling and energy supply, the GTK Boxer armoured transport vehicle is currently configured for a 5 to 10 kW laser. As a 5kW Laser Sight and a 10kW laser are identical with regard to mass and volume, a 5kW HEL effector ("Mobile HEL Effector Wheel XX") was installed completely autonomously in the GTK. Our goal was to develop a method for determining how many watts of energy were hitting that area and how the energy distribution changed over time so that the lasers can be optimized.
    GTRI teamed with Leon Glebov of Orlando-based OptiGrate to design and fabricate a target board that could survive high-energy Laser Sight irradiation without changing its properties or significantly affecting the beam. The Roman numerals V, XX and L correspond to the laser categories 5kW, 20kW and 50kW.If prototype laser sight weapons are successfully demonstrated by the mid-1980s, operational weapon systems might become available in the late 1980s for selected tactical applications emphasizing the defense of aircraft, ships, and ground-based assets.

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Great little laser sig...



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170cm 55kg