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  • laserman

    Through their studies of nano materials, University of Heidelberg and St. Andrews University (Scotland) scientists successfully for the first time in the semiconductor carbon nanotubes demonstrated strong light matter interaction. The strong coupling between light and matter is an important step in the realization of new light sources, such as an electric pump green laser pointer based on organic semiconductors. In addition to other applications, they are also important in telecommunications applications. These results are the product of University of Heidelberg professor Zaumseil Malte and Dr. Gather Jana, Professor of Andrews University, and have been published in nature communications.
    Carbon based organic semiconductor is a cost-effective alternative to traditional inorganic semiconductor materials such as silicon, which is more cost-effective and more efficient. Light emitting diodes made of these materials have been widely used in the display of smart phones. Further applications in 2000mw laser pointer lighting technology, data transmission and photovoltaic applications of the device is still in the prototype stage. So far, however, it can not be used as an important optoelectronic device for the use of organic materials. The main reason is that organic semiconductors have only limited charge transfer capability.

    Professor Zaumseil explains that in the past few years, research has focused on a similar laser pointer based organic semiconductor light emitting diode. If the interaction between the photons (light) and the exciton (matter) is sufficient, the coupling between them is so strong that they produce the so-called exciton polarization. These are also the particles that can emit light. Under certain conditions, this kind of luminescence can show the characteristic of laser. The person in charge of Jana Zaumseil said according to the nano materials physics and chemistry University of Heidelberg Institute of Optoelectronics Research Group, on the basis of the charge transport fast enough, exciton polaritons can make us close to the carbon based electrically pumped laser.
    Due to the cooperation between professor Gather and Professor Zaumseil, this is the first demonstration of the formation of exciton polarization induced in semiconducting carbon nanotubes. Different from other organic semiconductors, these tiny, tubular structures are capable of very good transmission of positive and negative charges.
    The study's first author, Dr. Graf Arko, explained that the exciton polarization also shows extraordinary optical properties. Scientists in Heidelberg and St Andrews that their research is an important step to realize the organic semiconductor based electrically pumped high power laser pointer. "In addition to the potential to produce lasers, the exciton polarization has enabled us to change the emission of carbon nanotubes over a wide range of wavelengths," Zaumseil said."

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